Pay directly to any bank account worldwide. The cheap, fast way to send money abroad.

Wise is a reliable and user-friendly international money transfer service that offers a cost-effective solution for sending and receiving money across borders. With Wise, users can save up to 8 times more than traditional banks when sending money abroad, thanks to its fair and transparent exchange rates, and low transaction fees.

One of the key benefits of using Wise is its quick and easy setup process. Users can create an account in a matter of minutes, and unlike traditional banks, there is no need to visit a physical branch or provide lengthy paperwork. This means that users can start sending and receiving money in no time.

Wise's user-friendly platform also makes it easy to manage and track transactions. Users can track their money in real-time, and receive notifications when the transfer is complete. The platform also allows users to view the exchange rate and fees upfront, so there are no surprises or hidden charges.

Another great feature of Wise is its multi-currency account. Users can hold and manage funds in different currencies, which can be especially helpful for people who travel frequently or have international business interests. This feature eliminates the need to constantly convert currencies, saving users both time and money.

Wise also offers a borderless account, which allows users to receive money in multiple currencies and hold it in one place. This is a convenient option for freelancers, small business owners, or anyone who regularly receives payments from clients abroad.

Overall, Wise is a reliable and affordable option for anyone looking to send or receive money internationally. Its user-friendly platform, fair exchange rates, low fees, and multi-currency account feature make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to simplify their international money transfers.

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