Edit your photos and images online for free, similar to Photoshop

Photopea is a versatile online image editing service that allows users to create, edit, and manipulate photos and graphics with ease. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, it is an excellent alternative to popular paid software like Adobe Photoshop.

The service offers a range of features including layers, filters, masks, and more, all of which can be easily accessed and applied to images. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and work with, even for those who are new to image editing.

One of the standout features of Photopea is its ability to work with a variety of file formats. Whether you are working with JPEG, PNG, PSD, or other file types, you can easily open and edit them in Photopea. Additionally, the service supports popular design formats like Sketch, XD, and Figma, making it a go-to tool for designers.

Another impressive aspect of Photopea is its support for advanced image editing techniques such as non-destructive editing. This means that users can make changes to an image without permanently altering the original file. This feature is especially useful for professionals who need to make multiple revisions to a file without losing the original quality.

Overall, Photopea is an exceptional service that provides a wide range of features and functionality for image editing. With its ease of use and support for various file formats, it is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced users alike. Whether you need to create a quick meme or work on a professional design project, Photopea has got you covered.

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